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A Disabled Veteran's Desperate Plea

The True Story of one Disabled Veteran's "ongoing" 34 Years Battling The Veteran Administration relentlessly tooth and nail simply to receive his FULL Service Connected Disability Entitlements.

One Veteran’s ongoing 34 Years Battling The Veteran’s Administration Tooth and Nail simply to receive his full disability entitlements.

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June 19, 2018: Malcom Randall VA Medical Center Officials Caught Read-handed Falsifying Disabled Vet’s Medical Record’s Document.

On the morning of June 15, 2018 after receiving disappointing news from my local VA “ADVOCATE” that: “The VCP Program would not be available for quite some time”, I begin my fact-checking research to verify the VA Official’s response to my questions when seeking assistance to utilize the “NEW” VCP program, only to find the following shockingly (almost completely) opposite facts posted at the bottom of the Veterans Administration’s own website:


Exhaustion of Choice Funds Notice — The Veterans Choice Program (VCP) will have exhausted all of its funding as early as May 31, 2018, and possibly as late as June 15, 2018, due to the unique nature of health care and the variability in health care costs. Once the funds are exhausted, VA will no longer be able to provide services under VCP.


My call back to the advocate’s office is what led up to the documents in my permanent Medical History Records being falsified by VA Officials.


Please do take a moment to READ THIS LETTER to The New York Times updating Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Dave Philips on the status of my progress since his recent cover exposé on my 34 year (and still ongoing) pursuit of my full Disability Entitlements.


  The depth of my relentless physical pain, chronic anxiety, severe depression and the utter despair always present within my 34  year battle which appeared at times almost hopeless, was recently brought to light extremely well in Dave’s New York Times article.


If you’ve not yet taken a moment to read the article, please do.  You may read and/or download the New York Times article by CHICK HERE.


NY Times: “Veterans claiming Disability Pay Face Walls of Denials & Delays!”

Instead of Disingenuously Thanking Us For Our Service,

We’d Rather you provide Us our full entitlements!

The shamelessly transparent ludicrous nature of the Veteran’s Administration’s Bureaucracy would almost (in so many ways) be humorous if it were not for the fact of its dereliction to duty being so very real and hurtful to so many Veterans in need:

This website has been created in hopes that you too may consider assisting in exposing further the absurd bureaucratic travesties far too many Veterans from all Branches of the Armed Services have been enduring and continue to face, each and every day of their individual struggles.

Even to this day I still suffer, and have almost relentlessly for over 34 years at the hands of the Veteran’s Administration, simply fighting to secure what is rightfully mine; my “FULL” Service Connected Disability Entitlements.

The V.A. Was Now Requiring That I Provide Them


The above truthful statement and the VA’s shamefully transparent ludicrous nature of its bureaucracy may be even better appreciated by the following:

After over thirty-three years of back and forth communications (countless letters and appeals, ridiculously repetitive evidence submissions, and thousands upon thousands of phone calls over the years and decades always end with the same DISINGENUOUS “Thank You For Your Service”, the Veteran’s Disability “ADVOCATE” handling my case called to inform me that even although I had (pursuant to his exspisit directive) provided the V.A. with my legitimate Cancer Diagnose from my civilian primary care physician’s (which the “ADVOCATE” only weeks before said would be acceptable documentation to expedite my Claim’s processing), my (so called “ADVOCATE”) now said the V.A. was requiring me to provide them with “A DATE OF IMMINENT DEATH!

My deep respect of your time stops me from continuing on (which I could most certainly do) with countless more such ludicrous examples.

It’s sufficient to say, that If it had not been for the assistance of Florida Senator Bill Nelson accepting custody of, and resubmit on my behalf (as a matter of my FINAL Appeal) THE EXACT SAME empirical proof and evidenceI had been continuously submitting on my own for over the past thirty-three years; I’m certain the V.A. would have been no less consistent in again proclaiming my indisputable evidence to be either nonexistent or insufficient, as had been the case up until the time in which it was re-submitted by Senator Nelson, triggering a full re-review of my case.

It was only but for the Searing Light of Public Pressure initiated by the New York Times article in conjunction with Senator Nelson having personally re-submitted the same exact proof-of-claim, that the V.A. was literally forced to finally bend into doing the right thing.  Within just a matter of weeks following the N.Y. Times article the V.A. formally recognized the legitimacy of the same exact evidence they had always had in their possession supporting the complete and indisputable validity of my open claim which had been languishing as a pending matter for over thirty-three years!

PLEASE NOTE:  This website is ONLY A FEW DAYS OLD, and has much to be added.  I will be continuing my development of this site following my return from the VA this afternoon (Tuesday , June 27th, 2018) and I thank you for your interest and hope that you might also return to view the rest of what will be posted here.

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A Vet’s Story, The Movie?


My case would make a Great Screenplay not simply because it was the LONGEST  OPEN DISABILITY CASE IN  THE V.A.’s SHAMEFUL  HISTORY.

But, due to the sheer unbelievably unreasonableness of it all.

Not to even mention all of the actual and TRULY CRAZY  unbelievably real life events which did in fact take place over my 34 year Roller Coaster Ride to now!

IN FACT, . . being perfectly honest, I thought long and hard about not even offering up my story as a possible Screenplay or plausible Movie Idea for some creative Screenwriter to sink their teeth into, for the sheer and simple reason that most of what has occurred would in fact seem simply to unbelievable to be real!  But nevertheless, even without any embellishments  it all is . . . very much so real!

From truly unbelievable cliffhangers rapping around (the easily difficult to believe) often down right wacky comedic twists and turns which all include real life caricatures  (working at and for the VA) which stretch far beyond what any normal imagination could ever conjure up in hopes that anyone would believe it all could have actually happened to one individual.  Fortunately however, . .  I have the proof that each and ever bizarre event, crazy comment and/or unbelievable circumstance  actually took place, just as stated!

Mine Is The ULTIMATE TRUE STORY All Disabled Veterans Will Relate To!

   No matter which branch of the Armed Services:

Be they Army, Air Force, Marine Corp, Navy or Coast Guard.  Male, female, young or Old,  All Disabled Vets will undoubtedly recognize their own unique story and associate deeply with “A Veteran’s Story” . . . The MOVIE!



This is REAL News about a REAL Person, facing REAL Problems, fighting tooth and nail (for over 34 years), against a REAL World Mega-Institutional Bureaucracy; a REAL Battle in which YOU CAN REALLY HELP TO EXPOSE!


We’re simply asking that you please just take a brief moment to click and read this NY Times Article revealing the dynamic facts of this common issue facing most Disabled American Veterans Today and  see for yourself not only the legitimate reality and negative impact of this far reaching story touching most Disable American Veterans, (and of course) their families and loved ones as well.   You’ll no doubt see how you can play an extremely valuable role in ensuring that (even in these days) your Public Pressuring can still HELP JUSTICE PREVAIL!

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Why Our We Forced To Beg

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A Disabled Amerivan Veteran

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